Lectra Cutting Machine

Cutting room is equipped with three rows of tables for layering, 20m long and 2m wide each and all tables are equipped with conveyor belts.

This way, the moving outcome for cutting machines is made rapid and synchronized. Stratification is made with two automatic layering machines, type Brio 55. Cutting is made with two automatic machines Vector V-iX6, moving to all three layering  tables. In 8 hours, the two machines can cut over 20,000 products.

Layering tables and layering and cutting machines are purchased from LECTRA company located in France. The fourth line from inside the cutting room consists of fusing presses, all of them automatically controlled:  2 english type with a width of 1.200m, Reliant, and the third, acquired at the end of 2014, the brand Martin with a width of 1.60m.