Human resources are one of the strengths of Romanita, for workers here are capable of both professionalism and respecting tradition. Romanita was founded in 1972 therefore, many of the parents of our over 12000 workers were also factory employees.
The CEO of the company, engineer Iuliana Tihon Dinoiu has over 40 years of experience in textile industry and since then she never stopped working for Romanita. Her decision to refurbish the factory with new performant machines to achieve the highest level of quality was the main reason why nowadays Romanita finds itself between the top garment producers.

Romanita is adapted to the FOB and LOHN working systems and produces garments, light and semi heavy clothing made of fabrics and knits form natural and synthetic fibers.    

·    Blouses

·    Shirts

·    Jackets

·    Dresses

·    Skirts

·    Trousers

The optimal combination " quality - performance - price " has attracted major clients who noticed what we promised from the very beginning: that Romanita is able to manufacture the products at the highest occidental standards.
Our company enjoys the unanimous appreciation of our clients and that is why over the time we only had successful collaborations with great names of the textile industry:

·     Hennes&Mauritz (H&M) – Sweden

·     CANDA (C&A division) – Germany

·     Inditex (Zara) – Spain

·     Acrobell T/A Lord (retailer for H&M , Top Shop , River Island , Miss Selfridge , A-Wear ) – England

·     Jon Adam ( retailer for C&A , Clockhouse , Yessica , Tesco , Naf-Naf, Mim ) – England

·     Pact 2004 SA ( retailer for Bershka , Zara ) – Spain

·     Next Near - England

·     Marks&Spencer – England

·     Miroglio Vestebene – Italy

To be able to keep our high standard performance we chose the top suppliers among the most performant companies in the field.


After a complete analysis of the fabric market in Europe and Turkey, Romanita has chosen to work with the most important companies.

Romanita colaborates only with companies that meet the highest standards in quality, all of our partners being able to fulfill the requirements of our clients.
Garment factory SC Romanita S.A. offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each of our clients. Our services are based on the production of garments , quality being a promoter of the company image internally and more important externally.
Our company can perform the full range of operations related to the production process , starting with the purchase of fabric and accessories and ending with the export to our partners .
Our services include :
• drafting documents for import - export
• production of light and semy heavy clothing : blouses , shirts, dresses, skirts, pants adapted to the FOB and LOHN working systems.
• accounting and personnel records
• 60 studios accommodation